The Colombian Campaign to Ban Landmines, foresees an evaluation of the project “Humanitarian Demining Activities in Balboa, Cauca, Colombia” in order to measure its degree of effectiveness, relevance, impact, sustainability and efficiency. Through the final evaluation of this project among other points detailed in the ToR, it is intended to achieve the lessons learned from the experience in order to:
– Design future actions in favor of rights holders.
– Promote sustainability of the action.
– Assess the relevance of the intervention model.
– Ensure accountability of the action.


A detailed working plan, a detailed methodology document and an estimated budget (including all costs considered to conduct the evaluation) should be submitted as an application package.

Evaluators/Evaluation teams must also submit a CV for each person of the team which contains: relevant qualifications, professional experience, language skills, details of reference projects, local knowledge, etc.

Financial proposals shouldn’t exceed 21.000 EUR and technical proposals should consider the expected timeframe established above.

Proposals may be submitted to Ester Martinez ( before 5:00 p.m. (GMT-5) November, 19.


Submission of proposals: November, 14 – November, 19, 2019

Contract signature: November, 20, 2019 Field work: November, 21 – December, 6, 2019 1 st report draft submission: December, 13, 2019

Comments to draft report: December, 16, 2019 Final report: December, 20, 2019

download here:  External Evaluation CCCM Balboa

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