October 7th, 2021

Under twenty-four degrees Celsius of Humidex values, in the most populated municipality in the southeast of the country known as “The Golden Gate of the Colombian Amazon”, the delivery, by the National High Commissioner for Peace Juan Camilo Restrepo, of sixteen municipalities free of suspicion of contamination by antipersonnel mines in Colombia in which the CCBL is also a part.

 For the CCCM, it is an honor to contribute to the peacebuilding, the development of communities and the promotion of humanitarian disarmament, on this opportunity being completely  Colombian organization, which delivers two municipalities free of suspicion of contamination by antipersonnel mines. This has been possible thanks to each of the people who make up our teams who work with great commitment and dedication, to the communities that have entrusted us with their territories and their fears, and of course to the valuable support of the German Embassy for our activities in Balboa and the Swiss embassy – COSUDE in Algeciras, their contributions generated a significant impact for the benefit of the communities of Balboa and Algeciras, favoring social, cultural and economic development in the medium and long term, in the recovery of the productive use of its territory, in the valorization of the land, the security of mobility of the population; as well as the jobs opportunities provided by the implementation of the project by allowing the community to be part of it, contributing to the economic income of several families in the area.

We continue working for the full use of the territory, clearing the land of explosive devices gives us great pride and happiness, our commitment is with and for the communities, in the end saving thousands of lives and working for disarmament is our greatest satisfaction.

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