Interinstitutional and intersectoral efforts for the peacebuilding and Sustainable Development in Puerto Asís Putumayo from the Comprehensive Action Against Antipersonnel Mines

Puerto Asís, December 2021.

The Colombian Campaign to Ban Landmines, with the valuable support of the United States Department of State, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Gran Tierra Energy, announced in a symbolic delivery ceremony to the community of Puerto Asís Putumayo that 36 sectors of the Puerto Vega-Teteyé and its surroundings have been declared free of suspected contamination by Explosive Devices, 30,675 hectares in association with local communities have had Humanitarian Demining activities.

The prevalence of antipersonnel mines and other explosive devices, which are an unfortunate remnant of the decades-long armed conflict in the country and a constant threat to communities, have restricted and impacted the right to life, mobility, education and food security of local communities.

The director of the CCBL Álvaro Jiménez Millán, points out that “In Putumayo there is an effort by the community, private companies, NGOs, local, departmental and national governments to improve everyone’s life for everyone. This is how we build community and move towards inclusion and peace.”

Over the past three years, 285 antipersonnel mines, improvised explosive devices and unexploded ordnance have been found and destroyed, and around 3,000 residents of nearby communities have attended mine risk education workshops.

During the event, Manuel Buitrago, President and Country Manager of Gran Tierra Energy stated that “Today is a historic day. We are proud that thanks to this alliance we can announce that the Puerto Vega – Teteyé corridor has been cleared of all antipersonnel mines and declared free of suspected contamination. Gran Tierra is also proud that we will continue to advance this project beyond what we had originally committed to, as we want to see all of Puerto Asís and the surrounding areas free of mines, eliminating a significant legacy threat to public safety in the area.”.

From the Colombian Campaign to Ban landmines, the commitment to promote the comprehensive development of communities based on the promotion of humanitarian disarmament and Human Security continues. We thank the communities that trust us, the members of our teams who dedicate their commitment to this dream in their territories and, of course, the valuable support of the United States Department of State, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Gran Tierra Energy.

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